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It’s the Money, Stupid! Supply Chain Worker Grievance Data Reveals Payment Problems as the Number One Concern

The media, the public, regulators and investors are demanding better data and more effective action on human rights due diligence ...
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Measuring Social Impact: Will the EU CSRD put the S back into ESG?

As the European Parliament passed the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), various organizations have recognized that there’s a problem: ...
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Driving Resilient and Worker-Centric Supply Chains To Tackle Modern Day Slavery

The number of people living in conditions of modern slavery on any given day reached 50 million in 2021, a ...
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Four Steps to Comply with the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (SCDDA)

The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (SCDDA) is Germany’s latest legislative effort in the fight against modern slavery. It's ...
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Ulula and Amfori Partnership Empowers Workers to Speak for Change

Crossing the Communication Chasm Effective worker engagement means closing the gap between global brands and the workers in their supply ...
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Japan Takes First Step to Effective HRDD Regulations, but it’s a Long Road

Japan is preparing to move at “top speed” to create non-binding guidelines that will help companies identify human rights abuses ...
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Can Australia Get its Modern Slavery Act Together?

When it was passed in 2018, Australia’s Modern Slavery Act was considered by its tabling minister to be a “milestone” ...
Bill S-211: Baby Steps or Giant Leap? Canada’s Path to Modern Slavery Regulation

Bill S-211: Baby Steps or Giant Leap? Canada’s Path to Modern Slavery Regulation

Doing Business the Canadian Way: Canada’s Struggle with Modern Slavery Legislation Countries in the OECD and beyond have taken up the ...
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Ukraine’s War and the Unseen Workers

It will be years before we’re able to zoom out and fully account for the war in Ukraine’s lasting global ...