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Gain end-to-end support from mapping your supply chain, adapting to complex local contexts, engaging stakeholders on the ground, to developing corrective action plans, by working with us and our partners. 

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We have global partners to help your projects

We work with a network of strategic partners to provide end-to-end services and support to our clients. Whether you’re just starting to map your supply chain or you’re looking to measure the effectiveness of newly implemented due diligence policies and practices, Ulula’s ecosystem of partners and software integrations provide holistic solutions that meet your needs. Learn about who we partner with and how we collaborate below.

Types of Partnerships

Solutions, Associations, and Standards

Ulula collaborates with industry associations and assessment bodies to strengthen assessment and certification systems, support stakeholder engagement and increase the reach of their initiatives to new geographies and stakeholders (e.g. smallholders).

Some of the joint solutions include standardized survey instruments and grievance mechanism protocols designed to identify labor risks against international standards and support effective access to remedy. Speak to our team to select from one of our existing offerings or deploy a new solution.

Local Engagement Partners

Ulula works with local partners around the world to provide clients with on-the-ground support to strengthen engagement and trust with worker and community members. Largely representing grassroots NGOs, Ulula local partners are industry experts and have a background in social compliance, worker engagement, community engagement, speak the local languages and understand the local context.

Local partners support clients by operating in areas without a local presence or deployment capacity. Services include program introduction and announcements, poster distribution, and addressing worker and community questions about the program to support adoption and success.

Consulting and Auditing Partners

Ulula’s consulting, auditing, and remediation partners bring expertise in labor and human rights issues and provide insight and guidance at any point of the program.

Consulting services provide insight and expertise at any point of the program, from co-design to identifying and implementing remediation and improvement plans. Training programs and workshops are carried out in local languages and include topics such as migrant workers, health and safety, and gender.

Consultants also provide grievance case management services ensuring workers and community members communicate with case managers in their preferred language, lifting the burden on the client to identify and train internal teams to manage the grievance mechanism.

Auditing partners can be deployed when the Ulula solution identifies risks or concerns warranting further investigation and on the ground supplier engagement. This model harnesses technology to scale assessments and human rights monitoring, prioritizing on the ground resources to higher risk areas.  

Technology and Software Integration Partners

Ulula technology is an open API platform, which allows integration with third-party solutions. While Ulula solutions work independently, software integrations can streamline internal processes and generate new sources of insights for our clients. Depending on client requirements, worker voice data and insights captured by the Ulula platform can be presented on a third-party tool or clients can access third-party data directly from the Ulula platform.

By client and partnership demand, we have integrated our solution with several platforms such as SupplyShift, SuccessFactors, and Microsoft Azure. Ulula’s technical team also supports custom integrations with other platforms to meet your needs and requirements.

Our Partners

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Ulula is a proud member of several industry associations designed to promote responsible business and ethical practices through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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