Tailored technology designed to your company and industry context

Our award-winning technology is accessible, cost-effective, easy to use and trusted by industry leaders and stakeholders around the world to communicate and gather rich ground-level insights remotely.

Expert-designed and field-tested questionnaires to measure sentiments across key indicators of well-being, working conditions, environmental impacts, health and safety, and more. 

Anonymous incident reporting tool to identify problems early and facilitate meaningful remediation through real-time case management.

Organize outreach campaigns, send alerts and share targeted information with workers, communities and other stakeholders.

Deliver engaging training on skills development, rights education, and more to mitigate labor and human rights exploitation from the ground up.
Get a macro view of risks by region, project and various demographic filters through dashboards that aggregate and visualize worker and community response data in real-time.
Centralized platform that supports continuous worker engagement through pulse surveys, information, training, feedback and grievance communication on iOS and Android smartphones.
On-the-ground offline tablet data collection which is a cost-effective, paperless solution that reduces error and syncs up with dashboard and analytics to support data analysis.