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Ulula cleans up supply chains with human rights transparency

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February 16, 2018

Who’s involved in this project?

Antoine Heuty (CEO), Manu Kabahizi (CTO), Vera Belazelkoska (director of programs) and Arisa Goldstone (director of business development).

What are your goals for this project?

AG: Ulula is a social enterprise that equips businesses with technology, data and analytics to monitor risks of human rights abuses in order to create more socially responsible supply chains. Our mandate is to improve worker conditions across sectors such as mining, manufacturing and agribusiness by sourcing and processing accurate and timely insights directly from workers across the globe. Our solution is accessible in multiple languages, anonymous to protect worker identities and it leverages various communication channels (SMS, voice, messenger applications) to share on-the-ground data between buyers, suppliers and workers…

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