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Written by Ulula

May 4, 2022

Lifa360 and Ulula partner to strengthen stakeholder engagement processes and de-risk reputation management. Press release written by Lifa360 and Ulula. 

[04 May 2022, Toronto] Lifa360, a sustainability communications service offering from Lifa Communications, in collaboration with Ulula, the leading digital stakeholder engagement and analytics solution, are proud to announce a partnership to supply clients with a digital turn-key answer in stakeholder engagement and reputation management.

Together, Lifa360 and Ulula are on a mission to simplify engagement and create powerful and inclusive two-way communication between companies and their stakeholder groups. This partnership provides clients a way to digitally and automatically manage communication and incident management at scale, providing real-time engagement data to alert clients to risk and inform decision making.

Ulula offers one of the most powerful digital engagement tools and incident management available globally. The team brings a wealth of experience in worker and community engagement, human rights, and labor expertise to the partnership. Lifa360, with expertise in the mining and renewable sector, enables clients to use Ulula’s technology with ease, supporting with communication strategy, messaging, carefully crafted content and engagement monitoring and reporting.

According to EY’s latest report on the mining sector, companies for the first time are now ranking social and environmental issues as their number one risk. Mining and renewable energy companies must demonstrate communication on the individual level rather than solely relying on the traditional approach of engaging local authorities. Additionally, demonstrating human rights due diligence is increasingly becoming a requirement and a priority for many businesses. Effectively engaging community members and workers at the individual level and at scale is tedious and costly.

The Lifa360 and Ulula partnership reduces this burden for companies and ensures stakeholder engagement is seamlessly integrated with business objectives.

“In all the years that I’ve spent serving mining and renewable energy clients across the globe, I’ve never seen a digital tool with so much potential to transform the way mines and renewable energy companies integrate community and stakeholder engagement into their business models. Through using the Ulula platform, and with Lifa360’s support, companies can bring their engagement capabilities into the new, digital era of mining and truly have their fingers on the pulse of what matters to their stakeholders,” Gabriella von Ille, Founder and Managing Director of Lifa Communications.

Talking about the partnership, Antoine Heuty, Founder and CEO of Ulula said, “We believe that this partnership will open new frontiers for Ulula’s ability to foster transparent and meaningful consultation between companies and their stakeholder groups. Lifa fills an important role in strengthening Ulula’s service offering by providing bespoke engagement services, which enable making better use of Ulula’s ability to forecast social impacts and risks.”

Ulula was established in 2013 to address a gap in traditional community and employee engagement processes, creating an inclusive, non-judicial, multi-channel engagement tool. The tool is easy to use especially in remote areas, is channel-agnostic, and provides anonymous two-way communication between companies and their various stakeholder groups in any language. Ulula’s groundbreaking multi-channel technology has since won several international awards such as the Thomson Reuter’s Stop Slavery Now Award, SDG 8.7 Innovation Challenge, Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Award, and the Artisanal Mining Grand Challenge.

Lifa360 is the latest offering in Lifa Communications’ suite of communication-related services offerings and was built on the premise that proactive two-way communication builds trust, strengthens relationships, and protects a company’s reputation. Embedded in Lifa360 is the notion that all stakeholder groups should not only receive relevant corporate information in-real time, but that there is a positive feedback mechanism to deliver information back to the company.

Media Contacts:

Ulula: Arisa Goldstone; Director of Partnerships and Operations, [email protected]

Lifa Communications: Kuda Mupudzi, Media Relations Manager, [email protected]

About Lifa Communications

Established in 2013, Lifa Communications is a strategic communications and stakeholder engagement firm based in Johannesburg. Serving clients across the globe, Lifa has a deep understanding of communications and stakeholder engagement in natural resources and renewable energy.

About Ulula

Ulula aims to improve working conditions across diverse sectors including mining, agriculture, manufacturing, electronics, construction and more, by sourcing and processing accurate and timely insights directly from communities around the world. Ulula’s digital grievance mechanism is implemented around the world to enable global mining companies to effectively engage with their community members and workers on the ground. Ulula has engaged over 1.5 million stakeholders in more than 30 countries in over 45 languages.

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