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Building a Sustainable Business: The Founders’ Perspective on Investing

Written by Ulula

April 27, 2022

About the Event
Do you care about building a sustainable future through innovation and want to get involved on Earth Day? On April 22, founders and leaders Nadine Woods (Mayana Genevière), Vera Belazelkoska (Ulula), Fei Luo (Liven Proteins), and Stacey Fruitman (Style with Substance Ventures) engaged in a lively panel discussion moderated by Anne Pringle (Lucky Iron Fish)!


These founders shared their lived experiences bringing innovative, sustainable offerings to market, explore the ups and downs of their investment journeys, and shared how they’ve shown investors they’re on the right track for sustainability.


Additionally, they discussed:
  • What sustainability is (from an environmental, social, and economic framework)
  • How startups are integrating sustainability into their business operations
  • The importance of communicating sustainability in a business’s mission, vision, values, operation, and long-term growth
  • How to bring innovative sustainable initiatives to market authentically
  • The unique obstacles and opportunities faced by businesses leading with a triple bottom line
About the Organizers

This Zone-wide sustainability event is organized by Zone Learning, Fashion Zone, Science Discovery Zone, Social Venture Zone, and Innovation Boost Zone teams. The main goal of this event is to build a diverse community of new/current/future entrepreneurs (from industry and students) in the Zone Learning network that are bringing sustainable solutions, services, and products to market.

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