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Webinar: Implementing digital solutions to address migrant workers risks

Written by Ulula

June 25, 2021

Today, there is growing civil society demand for businesses to actively address modern slavery within global supply chains; within this context, digital solutions are playing an increasingly important role in creating effective and scalable business solutions.

During the webinar on June 17, VF Corporation shared insights on technology’s potential to effectively address Modern Slavery issues. We discussed how VF Corporation is using both Quizrr and Ulula’s technologies and multi-language migrant worker engagement program to prevent modern slavery risks, and increase supply chain transparency. This discussion was moderated by Aleksandra Lasota from IOM.

Read the VF Modern Slavery statement here.
Learn more about Quizrr and Ulula joint solution here.

Watch recording below:


Thomas Radal, Europe Representative at Ulula 

Thomas Radal is supply chain expert. He lived for 7 years in Bangladesh and China, where he visited more than 250 factories and numerous plantations of several commodities. He worked on developing concrete actions to drastically improve working conditions, traceability and prevent environmental pollution of an end to end supply chain for a large French retailer, from raw materials to the finished goods. He is currently based in France, working as a consultant and the Europe Representative of Ulula to promote the innovative worker and community engagement technology.

Maria Lassen, Global Worker Rights Manager at VF Corporation

Maria Lassen is worker rights manager for VF and has worked with social sustainability and human & worker rights for more than 12 years. The past 7 years focusing on the garment and textile industry. Prior to that she was Head of Knowledge and Learning in the Danish Ethical Trading Initiative and helped build up the Secretariat since it was founded in 2008. Maria joined VF in late 2019, where she is responsible for developing the strategy for worker rights in VF’s supply chain and for managing the implementation of global programmes

Sofie Nordström, Founder and Deputy CEO at Quizrr

Sofie has a background in journalism and media production. She brings the true relatability to life in Quizrrs tools, drawing on experience from the the field while living in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Turkey. Her know-how within CSR, social dialogue and HR practises are essential to Quizrrs educational methodology.


Aleksandra Lasota, Migration, Business and Human Rights Lead at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Thailand

Aleksandra Lasota leads on engaging the private sector to promote fair and ethical recruitment and decent work of migrant workers in international supply chains. Aleksandra has seven years of experience working on migration and displacement issues in the Middle East, and Asia and the Pacific. She holds an M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies and an MBA in Circular Economy, Innovation and Enterprise.


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