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Webinar: Satellite Monitoring Meets Stakeholder Feedback for Robust ESG Insights

Written by Ulula

March 16, 2021

On March 3, 2021, we convened a joint webinar on how organizations can take measurable steps towards eliminating social and environmental issues, such as deforestation and labor exploitation, for more transparent and ethical supply chains. 

This webinar brought together leaders in satellite monitoring, stakeholder engagement technology, and agribusiness trade in a discussion on how to establish robust ESG monitoring programs to deliver actionable insights. Nanne Tolsma from Satelligence, Vera Belazelkoska from Ulula and Catalina Roman from Cargill delved into the collection, integration and use of different sources of social and environmental data for better disclosure and to inform organizational strategy for more ethical and transparent supply chains. 

Key topics:

  • Innovative solutions that combine geospatial data with on the ground worker and community feedback to provide a holistic view of ESG risks across global supply chains, and how this can be applied in a variety of sectors
  • How to leverage geospatial and worker feedback data for sustainability reporting and disclosure, and develop corrective plans to address any detected issues 
  • The business case for investing in long-term ESG monitoring programs for continuous insights and how to champion these programs internally 

Watch recording below:


Nanne Tolsma, Head of Client Relations at Satelligence
Nanne received his M.Sc. degree in Hydrology from VU University Amsterdam in 2016. He represents Satelligence as Head of Client Relations. He has worked for Satelligence since 2016 and started out as Liaison SE Asia in Vietnam for two years. He leads the major B2B partnerships and manages all customer-facing activities. 

Vera Belazelkoska, Director of Programs at Ulula
Vera Belazelkoska is the Director of Programs at Ulula where she leads the design and implementation of programs to monitor human rights impacts in global supply chains, together with partners from the public, private and civil society sectors. She has 10+ years of experience in international work, focusing on community engagement, financial inclusion and education in parts of Asia, Africa, Central and South America.

Catalina Roman, Sustainability Specialist LATAM at Cargill
Coordinates implementation of Palm Global Sustainability Strategy in LATAM for Cargill Agricultural Supply Chain Business. Master in Environmental Management, with more than 12 years of experience in sustainability for different economic sectors.


Marieke Leegwater, International Programme Coordinator Palm Oil at Solidaridad Network
Marieke Leegwater coordinates the global Solidaridad Palm Oil Program, focused on building sustainable and inclusive palm oil value chains. Within the programme Solidaridad supports farmers across all major palm oil producing regions to raise yields and cooperates with companies and other stakeholders throughout the value chain to build sustainable supply chains.


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