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Ulula is a data collection and communication platform that enables anonymous feedback to improve business performance and foster social impact in emerging markets.

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Ulula Fall Newsletter

November 4th
Antoine Heuty

Antoine Heuty – November 4, 2014 A new report by FSG on Extracting with Purpose – Creating Shared Value in the Oil and Gas and Mining Sectors sheds new light on the rising costs of value lost from weak social and environmental performance in the oil, gas and mining industry and suggests a way forward for creating […]

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Harvesting Data for Shared Value? Measuring Impact of Agribusiness on Society

October 15th
Antoine Heuty

Linda Pappagallo The sheer impact global food production has on our society, economy and environment is hard to overstate. Approximately three-quarters of the world’s agricultural value added is generated in developing countries, and in many of these the agriculture sector contributes as much as 30% to GDP. More than 3 billion people live in rural […]

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The Consequences of Ignoring Post Conflict Sensitivity in CSR Policies

August 29th
Antoine Heuty

Guest blog by Thorbjørn Waal Lundsgaard  Thorbjørn Waal Lundsgaard, has an MPhil in peace and conflict transformation, is currently pursuing an Msc in Development Management at the University of Agder, Norway, and an LLM in International Human Rights Law from Oxford Brookes University. This guest blogs draws on an article by Thorbjørn recently published in […]

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Technology in Stakeholder Engagement: Initial Results of an Industry Survey

July 8th
Antoine Heuty

Brendan Murphy and Oseyi Ikuenobe New research by Daniel Franks (Center for Social Responsibility in Mining) and Queensland University and Rachel Davis (Shift) find that delays in world-class mining operations valued between US$ 3 and US$ 5 billion caused by conflict with communities can incur costs of up to US$ 20 million per week (see […]

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Notes From the Field: Redeyef, Tunisia

June 9th
Antoine Heuty

Linda Pappagallo Redeyef is a phosphate-mining town close to the border of Algeria, known to be the site of important uprisings in 2008, a foretaste of Tunisia’s 2011 Jasmine revolution. A few weeks ago, Ulula visited  local miners to understand and discuss community needs related to stakeholder engagement and company-community dynamics in a politically unstable […]

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Antoine Heuty


Manu Kabahizi


Erika Rodrigues


Linda Pappagallo


Cornelius Graubner


Oseyi Ikuenobe


• Daniel Franks – Deputy  Director of at the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, Queensland University

• Raja Kaul – independent consultant with extensive experience in the extractive and IT sector.

• Emmanuel Letouzé - PhD Candidate UC Berkeley, Fellow at Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Doctoral Fellow at the Qatar Computing Research Institute

• Linda Raftree – Senior Advisor, Innovation, Transparency and Strategic Change at Plan International and owner of a popular blog on bridging community development and technology

• Mary Beth Snodgrass – Founder/CEO of two Houston-based start-ups, a former consultant for the oil and gas industry on social impact and risk management, and a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

• Martin Tisne – Director at the Omidyar Network, a philanthropic investment firm.

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