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Quizrr and Ulula partner for enhanced human rights awareness and training in supply chains around the world

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September 23, 2020

Ulula and Quizrr are pleased to announce a collaboration to strengthen global organizations ability to gain insights and take action to enhance human rights awareness and training in supply chains around the world. 

Quizrr is a digital training platform that enables organizations to reach all the way to the worker level with knowledge to drive behavioural change. Through the power of multimedia, Quizrr offers short, engaging drama films followed by quiz questions so that factory workers can learn about their rights, occupational health and safety, wages, and much more. The training data is measured and displayed in a dashboard which allows for organizations to identify and address pain-points proactively.

Ulula is a digital worker voice technology that equips organizations with technology, data, and analytics to monitor risks of human rights abuses to create more responsible supply chains. Leveraging accessible technology such as simple mobile phones, Ulula anonymously gathers worker insights and feedback on working conditions and distribute resources such as health and safety or worker rights training programs. Worker voice helps companies and suppliers mitigate human rights risks and can improve turnover, satisfaction, and health and safety by effectively engaging workers. 

More than ever, technology and digital solutions play a critical role to address risks and travel restrictions resulting from the global coronavirus pandemic. Given increased labour risks, especially to vulnerable workers such as migrant workers, reaching and continuously engaging workers to inform them of their rights will help mitigate human rights and labour exploitations. Dan Viederman, Managing Director of Working Capital, a USA based supply chain innovation fund and investor in both Ulula and Quizrr, said “We are thrilled to have two of our portfolio companies come together to further our work to achieve transparent and ethical global supply chains. Collaborations are essential if we’re going to make progress on labor rights in supply chains at scale, and this one makes perfect sense by allowing workers and suppliers who use Quizrr and Ulula to access a full and integrated range of capabilities.

Companies will have the option to access Quizrr training modules through the Ulula Open Worker Line (OWL) app or compliment their Quizrr training modules by expanding the communication channels workers can complete the follow-up quizzes. Quizrr CEO Erika Wennerström says, “We see a strong market need for this kind of cooperation where logical parts of the value chain can be hinged together to create meaningful advantages. Forming an alliance with Ulula is exciting and makes perfect sense – being digital leaders within our respective fields of the worker engagement market. Especially in these times where deployment agility is key.

Companies will be able to go beyond compliance and assessment requirements by enhancing worker engagement and education through technology. Ulula CEO, Antoine Heuty shares, “We are thrilled to partner with Quizrr to bring together our suite of tools for worker engagement with Quizrr’s unique learning methodology so that we can offer more comprehensive and integrated solutions to improve working conditions in supply chains.

To learn more about the collaboration you can contact Quizrr CEO erika.wennerströ[email protected], or Ulula Director of Business Development [email protected]



Quizrr develops innovative digital training solutions to advance corporate responsibility in global supply chains. To date, over 700,000 training sessions have been performed on the Quizrr training platform, in over 400 factories in China, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia and Mauritius. Quizrr is used in sectors ranging from garment and food to IT and telecom. Learn more on www.quizrr.se

Based in Toronto, Lyon, and New York, Ulula is a social enterprise committed to leveraging accessible technology to engage and give a voice to workers and community members around the world. Engaging over 1 million stakeholders in over 30 countries in over 25 languages, Ulula is used in diverse sectors including agriculture, mining, manufacturing, production, and the garment sector. 

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