Ulula & VECTRA: Partnering to Advance Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence Performance

Written by Ulula

October 21, 2021

Ulula, a social enterprise providing a multilingual and multi-channel digital stakeholder engagement platform to engage workers and community members and measure human rights risks in global supply chains, and TEDD – Trusted Experts on Due Diligence, an initiative powered by VECTRA International, an independent cooperative of experts in over 24 countries founded in 2005, today announced a joint offering to support corporations carry out mandatory human rights due diligence.

Human rights, environmental and governance-related due diligence have become key elements of responsible business today. Identifying, addressing and mitigating risks in these areas is essential for companies to compete in a landscape characterized by growing demand for transparency and ethical operations. Stakeholder expectations and emerging human rights due diligence regulations are levelling the playing field by setting new standards for responsible business conduct and compliance. The partnership between Ulula and VECTRA International provides a practical set of tools and expertise for companies to implement due diligence in their daily work.

“We believe that this partnership represents an additional milestone in creating concrete tools and best practices to implement human rights due diligence effectively” – Antoine Heuty, Ulula CEO

Bringing together Ulula’s digital engagement and analytics platform and TEDD’s human rights consultancy and tools, companies will have access to a comprehensive offering to effectively identify, measure, and remediate human rights risks and due diligence performance internally and in its global supply chain.

Christian Ewert, TEDD Director at VECTRA International, explains that “companies with complex global supply chains will benefit from the partnership’s expert advisory services, scalable risk assessment tool, and anonymous grievance mechanism to satisfy mandatory disclosure requirements”.

“We believe that this partnership represents an additional milestone in creating concrete tools and best practices to implement human rights due diligence effectively” reckons Antoine Heuty, Ulula’s CEO.

For more information on the partnership, please contact Thomas Radal ([email protected]) and Lorenz Berzau ([email protected]).

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